Mobile medics limited is a digital health company, which provides a web and mobile platform which connects healthcare professionals to patients/clients irrespective of their location in conjunction with home visits at affordable rates and in a seamless manner.

This platform is not for medical emergencies, you are obliged to contact the closest healthcare provider to you in situations of emergencies or call 112. Our services are designed to complement but not replace the services of your regular primary healthcare provider.

Our personnel are trusted and certified by appropriate authorities in the country.

Every information provided is strictly confidential.

Applications to participate on Mobile medics website are only open to people aged 18 or over.


Book an appointment with our any of our health professional/services
Provide detailed and true information to make assessments of health conditions, diagnoses and treatments. It is your responsibility to ensure this information is correct and complete and you  failure to do so (whether intentionally or not) may affect the information and advice that we give you.
Provide comprehensive feedback.
Must not be rude to any of our personnel.

How to access our services:

Users  should complete a registration form, thereafter they will receive a mail indicating completion of the registration.
The customer care representative will follow-up with a mail or call to ask some specific questions about the services of interest.
Users are to select their choice of service bouquets.
An invoice is forwarded to your mail and you will be obliged to pay and we acknowledge payments before services are rendered.
For phone consultations, a call will be placed to the user from the assigned doctor or other professional, a session will last for 10-20min of voice call and will be charged as required, each sessions are charged independently
Users are not to exchange contacts with the health professional/personnel.
A session will last for 10-20mins of voice call, a conclusion of session is issued by our healthcare personnel.
There will be follow-ups of sessions based on conditions and as deemed fit by our personnel.
A text of the conversations will be made by the personnel and saved in our database.

Home or office services

These services can be accessed through our web-based application at or our customer care lines or through our smart phone application ‘app’ available for download on your mobile phone free of charge when launched.
Together the site, the app and the services, including any software and other technology underlying the site, app and the service, including updates are our ‘platform’. Further details on how you may be able to access the services are provided on the site.
Our customers should  complete the registration form, which will be followed up by our customer care department.
Services are limited to certain locations within Lagos presently.

Laboratory/pharmacy services

Our patients are to cover the cost of any of these services rendered.
Users are expected to present their unique IDs that is linked to their accounts to get services at partner pharmacy/laboratory centers.