Online Consult/Counselling


Our Doctors/Dentists are patient centered in attending to your health challenges, attentive and get diagnosis right accurately at all times, give you the best treatment that suits you well. We relate with you well enough to keep your mind at ease through those challenging events. Get started with us by calling +2347018081073/+2348140573503 or chat with us using the web chat messenger or through our partner local community pharmacies.


Sexual and Reproductive health services

Get access to our doctors/nurses for your sexual health concerns, just know that you are not alone when it come to sexual coercion/rape we will guide you through and refer you as appropriate. for speedy information on contraception and getting family planning services we are available 24/7.  call us +2347018081073/+2348140573503 or join our weekend sessions on our web service using the chat messenger on Saturdays 10am-12pm and 7pm-9pm.

Family health

We provide you home health essentials for you, your baby and aged ones.  We cater for your family needs and health. because we know that a healthy family translates to healthy communities and healthy nation.


Home care

Need health services urgently but not an emergency?  or you want to be given a detailed check at home/office, just place a call to us +2347018081073/+2348140573503 and we will be at your doorsteps. This also include nursing services for your babies, aged, post-stroke or home bound ones.  We have affordable plans to suit your needs. You can also make your request by using the register button on our web service.


Online Corporate health

We have experts who keep the health profile of your company intact to ensure productivity. We offer  medical check services, occupational health services, safety and  risk mitigation, first aid services and training. You can get started by selecting a plan of your choice, it takes less than 5 minutes to register.

Physiotherapy/Physical Education

Our team of physiotherapists and physical educationists would give you the best programs for your organisation’s sport events and wellness activities. You can start by interacting with them using the live web chat.


Maternal/Child health

We have amazing services for expectant mothers right from conception to seeing you through to delivery, we also have packages for new mothers to ensure a steady guide and growth for the new born. You need a urgent information about your wellness, reach out to us via the web chat messenger or dial +2347018081073/+2348140573503.

School Check-up

Need a health unit for your school? We could assemble a team for you to cater for health challenges and emergencies, immunization programs. We organize medical fitness programs and certification for new and returning students for the year. You can send us a mail, to choose a plan for your school.