Where can I find MobileMedics?

As long as you are with your smart gadget you are already with us. A swipe away on your gadget get you answers for all your complaints. But, we also prefer you read patients reviews about us or check our social media handles. Not satisfied? Please call our line at +2347018081073/ +2348140573503

Can I leave my primary health care physician?

Mobile Medics is not replacing your primary healthcare physicians. Your primary health care knows your health history best. We are just in place to support your primary healthcare physician. Research shows that 30% of checks up or health issues can be handled on your mobile phone. Of course, the world is on the move. You can just simply reach us in case of urgency. Definitely, there are times we would recommend you to see your primary healthcare physician or connect you to one.

Are you a subscription service?

Yes, based on the plans that you choose but you can also pay for services per time.

Where can I meet my Mobile Medics doctor?

Just log on to www.mobilemedics.com.ng and use the chat messenger or place a call to us +2347018081073/ +2348140573503 .

How does Mobile Medics charge for consultation?

Our charges are fair and we offer discounts to clients who visit us frequently.