Technology has brought so many improvements to our everyday lives, but the best part is the incorporation of technology to health care. I am presently in a hospital ward thinking through the events of the past two days.
Kunle and I have known each other since childhood; we attended the same primary and secondary school, but parted ways at the university level. We ended up serving in the same state; literarily, you could say we are brothers. We work as building contractors in a private firm we both established which has been doing quite well.

On Saturday we reported to one of the sites where the erection of an office complex was ongoing. The only task for the day was to oversee some adjustments and complaints that our client had made concerning the drainage system. It was meant to be a quick dash in and out of the site so that we could meet up at the beach with our other friends for a birthday party, but fate had a different plan. When we were done with the adjustments, Kunle decided to check the scaffolding on the third floor which he had told one of the carpenters to fix. On getting to the structure at the third storey, he stepped on the scaffold plank but it gave way and he fell. You know that moment when everything happens like you are in a trance? That was exactly how I felt; I broke out in cold sweat with so much confusion in my mind. The other workers at the site came around to see
what they could do, everyone was talking but no one was making sense. I stopped anyone from touching him because not only was he unconscious, a sharp rod had pierced into his left thigh at the point he fell. Suddenly, I remembered an aviation ambulance service I had been introduced to during the last health and safety training I attended four months ago. I called and within fifteen minutes Kunle was stabilized and air bound for the nearest hospital.
Kunle is alright, we have talked and laughed this afternoon and I can’t tell you how relieved I feel. According to the doctor, no vital organs were damaged and he would walk fine when he heals completely.