Malaria Prevention Tips

Parent’s in the house, let’s talk about how to protect our children from malaria.

I will group them into two broad groups: factors external to us and those within.
External factors are those outside our homes inclusive of the environment and habits.
What are those external factors and habits?
*physical environment: these involves keeping them clean, open gutters are not stagnant(better still, gutters should be underground), dirty or muddy; bushes or grasses are routinely kept and maintained low; no broken bottles or containers littering around; refuse dumps are regularly picked by waste collectors.
*habits: wearing of long clothing for children especially when outdoors in the evenings, rubbing of repellants on exposed body parts; new mothers should ensure their newborns are within a mosquito net protection outdoors.

While the internal factors will be those within our homes which are ensuring that our doors and windows have intact nets at all times; we can install insect screens; ensure children get accustomed to sleeping under mosquito nets; use of insecticides( this we have to use with caution considering children with allergies); mothers should be encouraged to breastfeed, breast milk is essential, because it supplies the babies with antibodies against malaria; we also ensure we don’t store water in open containers unnecessarily and when we notice fever we should consult our local care provider for evaluation and not treat blindly.

stay healthy! stay woke! happy weekend!

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