The popular ailment of the Holidays
‘Hey doc, I have been passing a lot of watery stools and likewise vomiting’ these are the usual lines after lots of wining and dining due to plenty of food.
Food poisoning or catching a stomach bug is common at these times due to common factors like poor food handling, poor preparation, and storage.
Food poisoning usually has a time frame of manifestation and level of severity has compared to catching a stomach bug. Food poisoning refers to the contamination of food items by germs which results in a disease state after consumption.
They both have similar presentations in terms of passage of watery/loose stools, fever, feeling unwell, loss of appetite, vomiting and more.
We advise that during this holiday we make sure food items are well prepared and stored by washing them properly, cooking them adequately under the right temperature, preserving them with the right items.
serve and eat the food while hot. Discard bad items soon.
Mobile Medics through home visit requests or our virtual care will be glad to help should in case you have a case of food poisoning or stomach bug.
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