Cold and ‘flu’

Cold and ‘flu’
They are often used together but don’t mean same thing. They have similar symptoms but one is worse than the other.
Common cold, usually referred to as cold as milder symptoms as compared with Flu, and also has a shorter duration of infection.
They are both caused by viruses. Their spread is more during wet/cold seasons due to easy travel of the viral spores with the air/wind, human-to-human spread, contact with infected surfaces.
We can reduce spread by practicing good hygiene which involves washing our hands often, using a clean napkin to clean discharges from the nose,coughing into our palms or elbow crease, staying home when sick,taking enough water to stay hydrated.
Home remedies with garlic, lemons can be helpful while getting a flu vaccination yearly is advised.
Common cold or flu will never require an antibiotic unless your primary care provider suspects a superimposition by bacteria.
Stay informed! Take daily steps to stay healthy.
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